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A night guard is a type of mouth guard most commonly used to treat bruxism, or teeth grinding and clenching. Many patients who clench and grind their teeth do so unknowingly because it happens as they sleep at night. Common signs of teeth grinding in Almaden, San Jose may include the following:

  • A tired, tight feeling in the jaw muscles when you awaken
  • Chronic jaw and facial pain
  • Frequent tension headaches and migraines
  • Extreme, abnormal wear on the tooth enamel, exposing the inner layers of the tooth
  • Indentations on the tongue
  • Chipped, flattened down, very worn, or cracked teeth
  • Painful chewing

If you experience these symptoms, you may suffer from bruxism. To prevent the teeth from grinding together as you sleep, Dr. Chhabra may recommend a custom-made night guard. This mouth guard fits snugly over your teeth and is worn only at night while you sleep. Be certain to wear your night guard as directed for optimal results. We will make certain that your night guard fits effectively and comfortably so you can sleep peacefully while protecting your teeth from the damage caused by teeth grinding and clenching. We invite you to call or visit us today at Almadensmiles to learn more about night guards and their benefits.