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  • A periodontal probe is used to check the onset of periodontal disease by measuring the pocket depth between your gums and teeth

Family Dentistry

When it comes to family dentistry in and around San Jose, it is critical to have a friendly and caring team of experienced professionals caring for your families dental needs. At our office we know how important your families health is and we are committed to providing the best care for your beloved ones.


Many people don’t see a dentist on a regular basis. They only go when they feel they have a problem. We call this “crises treatment” as opposed to preventive treatment. While these patients feel they are saving money, it usually ends up costing much more in both dollars and time. The reason for this is that most dental problems don’t have symptoms until they reach the advanced stages.

An example of crises treatment is tooth decay. At our office we hear all the time, “Nothing hurts…I don’t have any problems”, but tooth decay doesn’t hurt !..until, that is, it gets close to the nerve of the tooth. By this time its too late. A root canal and crown are usually necessary, instead of the small filling, which could have been placed several years ago when the cavity was small. We can usually detect a cavity 3-4 years before it may develop any symptoms. It is not uncommon to see a patient with a tremendous cavity and they have never felt a thing.

The solution then to Dental Crises is Dental Crises Prevention. The motto “Prevention is Better than Cure” could not be more apt then for dental hygiene. Visit your dentist every 3 to 6 months for routine cleanings and checkups and instill this in your kids so that your family can enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth.


Diets low in certain nutrients reduce resistance to oral and dental infections, that is periodontal disease (gum disease) and decay. We feel a healthy immune system is essential to controlling periodontal disease.

Counseling in the four basic food groups will improve dental health and general health. The consumption of sugar, especially in sticky forms or in a baby bottle while sleeping contributes to the rapid development of dental decay

The trace nutrient fluoride, may not be adequately supplied by bottle or municipal water supplies throughout the San Jose area. Supplementation with oral tablets and topical application will reduce the incidence of dental decay by more than 60%

Together, a balanced diet, daily use of fluoride, effective brushing and flossing and sensible eating habits can reduce the risk of, or even prevent, infectious dental disease.


Fluoride in proper dosage, has been shown to significantly reduce dental decay. When fluoridated water has less than the ideal amount or is not available, fluoride supplements are recommended. (A call to your local water district is all that is necessary to determine whether your water has fluoride or not.)

When supplements are needed, the administration of fluoride supplements should begin shortly after birth and continue through the time of eruption of the second permanent molars (approx. 12 years of age)

Regular dental checkups at the dental office should begin no later than 18 months of age.

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